Chair, Richard D. Trenk

The Trenk Isabel Siddiqi & Shahdanian Commercial Litigation group represents individuals and businesses across industries, providing counsel and strategy to resolve commercial disputes efficiently.

Companies turn to our team for our experience, legal knowledge, and ability to assess each matter thoroughly and to weigh the benefits and risks to various litigation strategies. Our recommendations are highly customized to match our clients’ needs, and we often utilize mediation or arbitration as a pre-litigation tool, or to resolve disputes in active litigation.

As litigators, we are dedicated to our clients’ interests, and provide assertive representation in court while being mindful of the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

We have experience in determining and obtaining the necessary relief in commercial disputes, whether it be legal or equitable, including temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, declaratory judgments, specific performance, and monetary damages.

We handle business disputes in state and federal court, through trials and appeals, and represent clients in all industry segments.

In addition, the firm strategizes and participates in hundreds of mediations and arbitration proceedings. With courts backlogged, mediation is a critical part of trying to efficiently resolve disputes. The firm prepares clients thoroughly for these proceedings and provides realistic valuations for resolving claims.

Our litigators handle issues including:

  • Shareholder, partner, and member disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Tortious interference
  • Claims of state and federal statutory violations
  • RICO claims and claims of fraud
  • Inter-company disputes
  • Mediations
  • Arbitrations