Richard D. Trenk Moderates Panel at Annual Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference

May 10, 2024

On May 3, 2024, director and chair of the firm’s Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring practice, Richard D. Trenk moderated a panel for the Hon. William H. Gindin Annual Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ. More than 300 attorneys and restructuring professionals attended.

The panel moderated by Trenk included Chief Judge Michael B. Kaplan, Judge Christine M. Gravelle and Judge Stacey L. Meisel. The judges focused on recent opinions and issues involving:

  • the anti-modification provision of Title 11 and its interplay with condominium liens in New Jersey,
  • marital torts or Tevis claims and non dischargeability under 11 USC Section 523,
  • administrative substantial benefit claims under Section 503, and
  • dischargeability issues involving PACA

The panel also considered the impact of the upcoming Supreme Court rulings in Purdue Pharma and Kaiser Gypsum. As part of the presentation, the judges and audience sought to identify the names of judges in famous movies and the actors who played them. Special thanks to Associate Zachary S. Poreman who assisted in putting together the program materials.